Oh social life, wherefore art thou?*

I should be at a Super Bowl party right now.  Should be.  But I’m not.  Damn body.

Every year my friends host a party.  Most years I go.  Ok, to be honest, I don’t actually watch the game, but I do love the party.  Good company, good food, and sometimes I watch the commercials.  I missed it last year because of car problems, but I was determined to go this year.  All weekend I was thinking, yes, my body has been through a lot in the last few days, but I’ll still be able to make it, right?  WRONG!

Friday was the long drive across the state, playing with kids, then driving back (details in another post.)  Friday night I slept better than I have in ages.  Saturday was taking care of an injured family member, but only for a few hours, because I knew I needed rest.  Today was rest rest rest all day.  But I woke up exhausted, felt sleepy all day, then passed out in the afternoon.  I woke up on the couch right around the time that I was supposed to be leaving for the party.  Oops!  In that moment I knew I wasn’t going.

So here I am, sitting at home, hearing the occasional shouts from neighboring apartments, and wondering where my social life went.  Sure, I hadn’t been going out every night before, but over the last several months, as I’ve felt worse and worse, my social life has edged towards zero.  A friend asked me out to dinner yesterday and it suddenly hit me that it’s been a loooong time since I’ve gone out to dinner with anyone.  Probably more than a month.  And even yesterday I didn’t feel up to it.  The last non-family party I went to was New Year’s Eve, and before that…. I really don’t remember.

Tonight was supposed to be easy.  A simple drive, a laid-back atmosphere, friends and acquaintances who I like and who I haven’t seen in a long time.  Tonight was going to be a chance to get out an socialize.  Tonight was going to be fun.  I’m starting to forget what fun is like.  Tonight was going to be a chance to get out and be around people.

And then it wasn’t.

Here’s hoping that next year is better.  That next year I’ll be at the party.  That next year I’ll have a social life.  Let’s hope.

*Note: Yes, the title is a takeoff on the famous line from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  It’s not as poetic as his version, but then, I’m no Shakespeare.

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2 Responses to Oh social life, wherefore art thou?*

  1. abcsofra says:

    So sorry about all of this. These drat autoimmune illnesses are so dang unpredictable. Usually if I am planning anything of importance I try not to schedule something the day or two before. I have learned the hard way in my case. I am not sure about the two things you did on Friday and Sat but I do know that for me personally I wouldn’t have done either if I was planning something on Sunday. I hope in time you will find the balance. It does get tricky and yes, it stinks!!!

    • chronicrants says:

      Yes, you’re right that it’s all about planning and balance, but these things are still hard to predict. My activities on Friday and Saturday were much more important than Sunday’s party, so I have no regrets. Still, I would have liked to do all three. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t an option. Hopefully another time it’ll work out.

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