Measuring symptom improvement… by way of a 2 year old

I knew the fatigue was getting bad when I’d be tired after 12 hours of sleep, then take a 3 hour nap that next day.  Now matter how you look at it, that’s not good.

Now that I’m feeling a bit better (thank you sleeping pills!) I haven’t been as tired and I haven’t taken any naps, intentional or otherwise.  Progress!  Yay!  Still, I know that I don’t have the energy of a “healthy” person, so maybe some of the progress is in my head?

Two weeks ago a friend had a timing conflict and needed someone to watch her kid.  I was so tired every day, but she was in a jamb, and she’s a good friend, plus I wanted to try and push myself a bit, I rested all day, then went over in the evening.  After a bit over an hour, I’d had it.  We’d been sitting most of the time, but I needed to be alert and engaging.  It was exhausting.  Thankfully, my friend’s husband came home a bit after that, and while I still played a bit with the kid, I could let my guard down and relax.  Still, by the time I went home I was beat.

Today I went over to take care of the same kid.  I went in the morning.  I got up with my alarm, and felt a bit tired at the time, but then felt much better as I got ready to start the day.  I had a ton of fun with the kid and wasn’t tired, even after more than two hours together.  I hung out for a while with my friend, then came home and listened to an audio book for a while (loving those audio books!) before I took a 35 minute (yay!) walk, stopping at the library on the way (I’m visiting the library a lot these days.)  I felt great after all of that!

So two weeks ago, an hour with a two year old wore me out completely.  Today, two hours with a two year old left me feeling as good as when I started.  The lesson?  The doctors shouldn’t measure our progress on those annoying 1-10 scales.  They should just put us in a room with a two year old and see how long we last.  After all, anyone who can keep up with a toddler must have at least something going right!

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