Ridiculously cautious optimism (a.k.a. Loving the little blue pills)

I love the little blue pills.  They’re like magic!

I really resisted when my rheumatologist wanted to prescribe a sleeping pill.  I’d tried sleeping pills (from a different doctor) before and I always felt drowsy the next day.  And the sleep wasn’t all that great.  They were just good for falling asleep when I was in a lot of pain.  Still, she insisted that I at least try these.  She prescribed the lowest dose and suggested that I start with half a pill.  She said that these are slow-acting, so instead of putting me to sleep, their job was to keep me asleep, and to give me some good sleep.  Well that sounded reasonable.  I had no trouble falling asleep, but I was waking up a lot.  I would only wake up for seconds at a time before falling asleep again, but I knew it was disruptive.  I woke up exhausted every morning.  So I picked up the little blue pills at the pharmacy, cut one in half, and gave it a chance.

Miraculous!  I woke up feeling good in the morning!  I’ve been taking half a pill every night for almost a week now and I feel almost like my old self.  I don’t have my full energy back, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank goodness!

This isn’t a long term solution.  I mean, it could be long term, but I refuse to take a sleeping pill every night unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Still, for now, it’s fantastic.  Hopefully it will allow me to gain back my old sleep habits.  But I’ll worry about the future later.  For now, I’m just so excited to not be fatigued all the time!

I am incredibly lucky.  This may last or it may not, but at least for now, I have a break from the fatigue.  I sincerely hope, with all my heart, that fellow fatigue sufferers will soon find some relief as well.  It has been one of my harder symptoms to handle.  I hope that one day soon it is better understood and that there are more treatments available.  We all deserve that.

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