The medicine of a simple visit

Knowing that I’ve been stuck at home a lot, my parents came over for a visit today.  They don’t live very far away, but they rarely visit.  Usually when we see each other it is at their house, where I grew up.  Since I’ve been staying closer to home, they came over for a visit with their pooch.

It was a simple visit.  We talked, we took a walk, we had dinner.  I pet the dog.  I played with the dog.  I sat with the dog.  It was an easy visit.  Today was a good day, and I felt up to moving around, which was great.  Having company was fantastic medicine.

When you’re fatigued, in pain, or otherwise stuck at home, remind your friends and family that visits can help.  So many of us get offers of help, but the truth is, I don’t always need help with errands or cooking, sometimes I just need some stress-free, activity-lite time with loved ones.  We all need to be alone at times, but we also all need to be around the people we care about and who care about us.  Sometimes it’s just that simple.


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2 Responses to The medicine of a simple visit

  1. abcsofra says:

    Sometimes having loved ones can revitalize us and it is apparent that this visit did just that. And petting four legged fur babies can help alot too 🙂

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