A “Holy sh*t!” moment

I’ve thought through all the possibilities, considered every angle, but that one question felt like someone slapped me upside the head.  Actually, no, it felt more like I’d been hit with a steamroller.  How had I never thought of that before?

Last year I applied for FMLA at work.  I was told that I got 12 weeks of FMLA total for the year.  I shrugged it off, saying that I wouldn’t need 12 weeks.

A few months ago I applied for short term disability insurance (STD.)  I was told how long term disability insurance (LTD) works, just as part of the application process.  I shrugged it off, saying I wouldn’t need LTD.  I wouldn’t need all of the STD.

Now I’m on STD and it will be lasting more than 12 weeks.  And suddenly LTD doesn’t seem so unrealistic.  Maybe I will need it after all?  But no, that can’t be.  If need be, I’ll just get a part time job.

Last night I told a friend that I had applied for a part time job.  I wasn’t looking for work, but a friend told me about a perfect opening at his organization, a place I’ve wanted to work at for years now.  It would be stupid not to apply, so I did.  When I mentioned this, she seemed surprised, and asked if it made more sense for me to get LTD instead (the requirement to apply is that I can’t do the work of my current position, which is certainly true now; to extend it beyond the initial period I would need to say that I couldn’t do any work at all, but that’s not a bridge I need to cross any time soon.)  I started to explain that LTD only pays a certain percentage of my salary, and as I was explaining this, I realized that I wouldn’t earn more at a part time job, and I’d probably earn less.  And the benefits wouldn’t be as good.  And I’d have to commute, and deal with the physical and mental demand of having a job.


That’s when it hit me: I might need to sign up for LTD and be on it for a while!  Now, I have some time to figure this out.  I can be on STD for a bit longer, so I will wait until the time gets closer to make a decision.  Tomorrow I’m going to have blood drawn, and maybe my fatigue is just from something simple, like anemia.  I’ve never wanted anemia so badly in my life.  I will hope there’s a fix for this.  But in the meantime, I’ll be reconsidering all of the options I’d already considered.  It’s time to look at this from a new angle.

And maybe buy a lottery ticket.


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