Being two people

Sometimes the dichotomy amazes me.

I spent the day yesterday indoors.  I read email, watched tv, and did a bunch of other things that at the moment I can’t remember.  I was very aware of the pain I was in.  I was generally unproductive.  I got no exercise (aside from some minor physical therapy.)  It was a gorgeous fall day.  I knew I should have gone outside, but I just didn’t want to.  I suppose I’ve been a bit depressed lately.

Then last night I went to a friend’s party.  I’d been looking forward to this for a long time.  I met some great people and had a lot of fun.  I forgot about the pain.  I wasn’t depressed.  I had a wonderful time and felt great and, aside from avoiding certain foods and being careful how I distributed my weight as I stood, I completely forgot that I had any health issues.  It’s was great.

It was like I was two different people yesterday.  I know that I need to make more of an effort to be that second person.  For starters, I will leave the house before noon every day.  I might just take a walk around the block, but I will get fresh air every morning by leaving my apartment.  I will make more plans with people so that I leave the house.  I will actually do the things on my to do list each day, instead of moving them to the next day (or week.)

That won’t fix everything, but it’s a start.

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