Sharing… or not

I have to admit, I was feeling totally uninspired yesterday.  Sure, I could have written something.  I had plenty of topics.  I just didn’t feel like writing about any of them.  Then last night, I found myself getting plenty of inspiration.

I want to a small party where I knew some of the guests and didn’t know others.  Of course, a common question is, “What do you do?”  I had no problem answering that when I was simply unemployed.  For some reason, though, answering it now feels awkward.  I have a job, but I’m not working at it.  I was saying something about Friday and not being at work, and someone questioned me about it.  How do I answer?  My friends know what’s going on, but I don’t feel like discussing it with acquaintances or strangers.  Besides, the followup question would be to ask what health problems I have, and this is a party.  I really don’t want to talk about it at a party.  So I was vague.  Still, it felt awkward.

More awkward than that was the person who asked what allergies I have that cause me to ask about every ingredient in every dish.  I finally told her I have IBS.  It turns out, she has IBD.  Ok, similar but different.  She then proceed to tell me all about a book she had just read, and the diet it described.  Oh boy.  At least she has a similar condition, so that’s better than when people with no idea what they’re talking about decide to give advice.  But again, this is a party.  I don’t want to talk about symptoms and treatments.  I know she meant well, but it was too much.  I kept trying to change the subject, and she kept bringing it back around.  I think it’s worse when the person is well-meaning, because I don’t want to be rude.  Still, this is my life and my body and I really don’t need every Tom, Dick, and Jane advising me on it.

It was an interesting evening.  I had fun for the most part, but it was a good learning experience, especially for my new work situation.  In terms of the bigger picture, though, it was a huge success.  I spent over an hour baking, then rested, and was able to go to the party and feel good.  I was in pain from standing so much while we all talked, but I was able to do it.  I got down on the floor a bunch of times to play with the new puppy.  I didn’t have to leave too early.  Yes, this was definitely a successful evening!

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