An overly-cluttered slate

Posting to this site every day has been easier than I expected.  Of course, I have a wealth of material.  It’s not as if I was writing about some obscure topic; this is my life, so examples and topics are pretty easy to come by.

There are days when I’m stuck, of course.  That doesn’t happen much, but from time to time I just can’t think of anything that I want to write about.  More often, I have days like today when I can’t narrow it down.  Today I could write about odd genetic traits (having too much earwax runs in the family) or about big decisions (should I finally move to a more temperate climate?) or about friends who don’t get it (I was asked yesterday if I’m enjoying my “break,” as if a medical leave of absence was just a long vacation.)  Yes, there are many topics I could write about today.  I’m sure I will explore all of those at some point (I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat, waiting to hear about the earwax) but today won’t be one of those times.  Today is an off day.  Today my brain isn’t interested in writing or exploring.  Today I’m going to let my thoughts glide over all of these topics without thinking too deeply about any of them.

We have to be sick every day.  We have to think about it every day.  We have to handle the symptoms and manage our lives around them every day.  So today I’m taking a day off from deeper thought.  I’m sure it’ll come back to me tomorrow.  For today, though, it’s nice to take a small “vacation.”


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