Wanting solid info from the RMV

It’s not like I want to have a handicapped placard.  I would like nothing better than to be healthy enough to not need one.  Since I do need the placard, I use it.  I just wish I knew more about the laws around it.

After a lot of searching, I finally found some info here and here on the MA RMV web site.  After all that searching, the site doesn’t inspire confidence.  For example, it provides information on handicapped plates, but when I tried to get one years ago, I was told they aren’t offered anymore, only placards are offered.  Either I was given wrong information, or the site is very out of date.  Both seem very possible.

Now, try finding info on where you can use it!  #7 in the FAQ seems to be the place, but it’s incredibly vague (and wrong.)  Can I use it in HP Van spaces if I don’t have a van?  It doesn’t mention that.  I can disregard some parking meters but not all – that’s NOT HELPFUL!  Why can the MA Port Authority manage to not exempt placards?  Do others do it too, or is it just them?  Please be specific!  And about all U.S. States recognizing the MA placard, well, maybe that should be more specific too.  Parts of Washington D.C. didn’t, the last time I was there.  I also stumbled upon a city in Connecticut this summer that didn’t recognize them.  Why is this?  And why doesn’t the web site mention it?  And according to the FAQ some parking rules must be followed but not others.  What if there’s a 2 hour parking limit?  Do I need to obey that?  If so, doesn’t that run counter-intuitive to the exempt meter rule?  If not, then say so!

I know many people who have had the same frustrations.  When I call to ask questions, I can’t seem to get someone on the phone who knows what they’re talking about.

These placards are provided by the state RMV.  Many rules apply to them.  Would it be so horrible to let us know what those rules are?


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