Hurray for good docs

I’ve had a lot of bad doctors.  A lot.  “Bad” can be defined in a lot of ways.  For me, these include not taking me seriously, not fully listening to me, refusing necessary tests, and prescribing treatments that are unlikely to work.  And then there was the one who said I shouldn’t complain because there are people worse off than me.  I was in pain 24/7 at that point.  Oh, and I was 16 and scared.  What a jerk.  But I digress….

So I’ve had bad doctors, but I’ve also had some really good doctors.  The good ones make such a huge difference.  I spoke to my rheumatologist yesterday and was reminded again of how fantastic she is.  When I started the new med a few weeks ago, she told me she would be going on vacation, and to call the day she returned.  I left a message and she called me back later that day.  She took her time with me and didn’t rush, even though she must have been very busy.  She listened to everything I had to say.  She was surprised by a side effect I’m having, which she had never heard of.  I told her I’d found evidence of it online.  She assured me she’d look into it.  Based on past experience, I know she will.  Otherwise would brush it off, but she takes it seriously.  I told her I’d like to take a new Lyme test I’ve heard about.  She didn’t know about it, but promised to look into it.  Again, I’m certain that she will.  Her treatment suggestions are always well thought out and specific to me and my situation.  She orders every test that she thinks is necessary and skips the ones that she thinks aren’t (Checking vitamin D?  Yes.  MRI?  No need this time.)  This is how I would like every doctor to be.  She’s not perfect; she’s human after all.  But she does a great job, and does her best to improve my health.

So here’s to all the great doctors out there, who do all they can to make us feel better/less bad!

One Response to Hurray for good docs

  1. Karen J says:

    Hear! Hear!
    And cheers for the *Good* Docs of the world!

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