How to talk about not working full time

Following up on yesterday’s post, I have to say, I’m very grateful to have the choice of working full time right now.  I may feel lousy, but at least I currently have the option of doing it.  I know many people don’t have that option.

When I think about what how nice it would be to not work, I wonder how that would be in social situations.  After all, when I meet someone new, so often the first thing they ask is, “What do you do?”  The last time I didn’t work was when I was unemployed.  Being “unemployed” implies that I will one day be “employed” again.  It’s temporary, so it’s socially acceptable.  Plus it was a recession, so that made it even more socially acceptable.

But what happens when it’s permanent or long-term unemployment?  I’ve wondered how I would answer that question.  Today I came across this amazing guide.  It gives some great dos and don’ts, along with fantastic sample answers to questions.

I have an easy answer to that “What do you do?” question now, but one day I probably won’t.  It’s good to have resources to help deal with that when it happens.

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