Needing a change

I’m in a rut. I guess that’s to be expected since:

  1. My health limits what I can do.
  2. I’m totally a creature of habit.

Still, it’s bugging me. A lot. I used to travel all the time. It was rare that I was in my town for more than 2 months at a time. I’d go away for weekends, or long weekends, or week-long trips. I traveled locally, across the country, and abroad. And I miss it.

I did other stuff too, but travel was a great way to break out of the work-home-work-home-work-home-socialize-work routine.

So now I’m wondering about traveling again. I’ve written about it before, but this time I think maybe I should try it. I don’t feel quite ready, but I have a feeling that I never will.

I’m trying to decide where to go. My first choice is Sweden. I was planning a trip there when I became ill, and I’ve always wanted to follow through on that. With any luck I could use my frequent flyer miles and at least cover the airfare.

Or I could visit a friend in the U.S. That would be a lot easier and definitely less expensive. The problem is that the people I most want to see are in places I don’t particularly want to go. Either I don’t have any interest or, more often, I’ve already been there so many times. I’d rather go someplace new and different. After all, the point is to make a change, right?

I’m going to make other changes, too. I hope to move in the near future (I’ll let you know when that gets worked out.) And after that I’m going to try getting a dog again, and this time I’m hoping it works out better. But then what? I need to do something else. And I don’t know what it will be.

I want to get out and meet new people! But I’m an introvert, and going to events full of strangers feels unpleasant and exhausting. Plus, they’re so often in the evenings, and by then I’m not really up to going out. Or they’re on weekends and involve things I can’t/don’t want to do like kayaking, eating out, hiking, etc.

I need to find the right group of people to hang out with. And start doing new things. I need to get out of my comfort zone.

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone? Do you travel? Where do you go? Do you meet new people? If so, how? Please comment and give me some ideas!

4 Responses to Needing a change

  1. Dixie L Mulford says:

    Having dealt with this disease since I was 35, I am now 67, I know just what you are dealing with. I have reinvented my life several times to compensate for what my autoimmune disease is throwing at me, it has been quite the rollercoaster! My goal is always to practice acceptance, with gratitude, these two things will be a lifesaver for the mental agony that can destroy you. The acceptance takes mental control, and practice, and the gratitude will happen when you make a list of what you have left, hearing, eyesight, the people that love you etc. I am sorry that we were dealt the cards that we must continue to play, but we have lots of good stuff left!!!!!

  2. Lorna J says:

    Once you have a dog, you will have no problem meeting new people. People are drawn to babies and dogs, trust me I’ve had both. With the travel, I say go for it, you have lots of things in your medical repertoire to help you cope. I think that if we don’t try we won’t ever know if we can manage. Big hugs xx

    • chronicrants says:

      Thanks Lorna. I was thinking the same thing, that I won’t know my limits until I try to reach them. It’s scary, but I think it’s the right thing.

      And I agree about the dog 🙂

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