So much for October

October is my favorite month of the year. It’s not hard to see why. For one thing, heat and humidity make me feel like shit. They exacerbate my symptoms and I pay the price all summer long. October is the first month that I feel decent. There’s 2015-11-01 14.07.39no snow or ice to deal with yet. And I get to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage here in New England.

Except for this year.

In September I had a bit of an accident with a knife, and I haven’t been able to walk around much since then. I’ve been enjoying the cooler temperatures and lack of humidity, but there’s just no way I can walk around in the woods right now. Still, as I look at my post-surgery foot, or rather, the bandage around my post-surgery foot, I’m trying very hard not to feel too bad about missing out on my favorite month of the year.

There will be another October. There will be many more Octobers. And I expect to enjoy quite a few of them. I can still see some of the pretty colors from the passenger seat of a car. Ok, it’s not the same, but that’s ok. It has to be ok. Because I can’t keep feeling sorry for myself.

There are a lot of things I can’t do anymore, and that’s I’ll never do again. I will never jog again. I will probably never ride a bicycle again. I will never backpack around Europe again. I might never work in an office again. But there are still a lot of things I CAN do. So as I see the calendar yelling at me that November is here, I’m trying not to feel too bad about missing out on October this year. There will be another one.

2 Responses to So much for October

  1. You didn’t miss much this year. In my area, the leaves never really changed, except for an isolated tree or two. I have a whole lawn full of green and brown fallen leaves, with only an occasional red or orange mixed in.

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