Pain cravings

It starts with chocolate. The next stage varies, but it always starts with chocolate.

I once read about why chocolate helps with pain. It affects some neurotransmitters or something. Mostly I think it’s a distraction.2014-08-29 14.49.20 I really like it. And that’s probably why I crave sugar, too. Two days ago I opened a bag of kettle corn. If I’d had more sugary foods, I’d probably have eaten those, too.

Then there’s the craving for fatty foods. I don’t eat a lot of fatty foods normally, and when I do, it’s in small quantities. But as the pain has gotten worse, I’ve really wanted fatty foods. I asked a visitor to go to a place nearby that has gluten-free french fries and get me a large order. In hindsight, I should have asked for 2.

Since I can’t leave the house, and I don’t keep a lot of sugary or fatty foods at home, pain cravings always leave me in a bind. I know from experience that I can eat a lot of this junk, but be thinner than usual when this current wave of worse-than-average pain finally subsides. I think that’s why I crave fatty foods – my body is looking to make up for the extra calories I’m burning off just by being in pain. Whatever the reason, I just wish I could walk down the street to buy a bag of Cheetos. Unhealthy? Yes. But will they comfort me? Yes!

I’ve been wondering, does anyone else get food cravings when they’re in pain? If you do, what do you crave? And does it help physically, mentally, and/or emotionally?

5 Responses to Pain cravings

  1. I can barely eat this flare. For some reason, my hunger signals are all confused. But, when I do eat, it’s potato chips. I haven’t eaten healthy food much lately. I crave salty foods so much when I’m in pain. I think it’s because I’m fatigued and lacking energy or it’s a comfort thing because I feel crappy. I don’t know, but I allow myself to do it, because I don’t do it often 😊

    • chronicrants says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble eating. I’ve had that too, but usually only when I have GI issues. It’s interesting that your body craves salt. Maybe you can drink some salty broth of some sort? I’m glad you found something, at least, that you can eat!

  2. Julie Ryan says:

    I eat my emotions (and my pain), too. The worse I feel the more I seem to want to eat everything. I’m just glad that my diet is as clean as it is so that when I do go through this, I’m like you – cheating with Five Guys fries (and bunless burger) or some good dark chocolate.. or Coconut Bliss ice cream.

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