Fire under my ass: Social security application DONE

It’s amazing what a little fear will do.  I was dragging my feet.  I admit it.  I didn’t really want to apply for SSDI; I didn’t want to admit that I’d still need it a year or two from now when they finally got around to approving my application.  You can’t really blame me,
right?  Who wants to think that way?  So I procrastinated too much before finally sending in the first part of the application, and then I got bulldozed with a short deadline for all the rest.

There’s nothing like getting informed that your future ability to pay rent is based on information you must complete right away, but it’s after 5pm on a Friday so you have to wait two and a half days to get details.  Not fun.  At all.

First thing Monday I called the SSA and got all sorts of details from them that really should have been included in the letter to begin with.  Now, surprisingly, I’m done.  I managed to get a document from my ex-employer’s benefits office and I got it in record time.  Apparently, when you complain to the head of the department about someone not returning calls at all, they tend to call you back quickly the next time you need something.  Thank goodness.  She emailed it to me, I printed it, and  I drove it over to the social security office in person today to drop it off.  I started the second application online over the weekend and made a list of questions for my lawyer, who also got back to me quickly on Monday.  Today, I submitted that application!

And now, I wait.  When I submitted the application I got the message that I’d have a response in more or less 120 days.  I guess they want to leave themselves some leeway, because they specifically said it could take more or less time, depending on various unnamed factors.  Right.  I’m not holding my breath for that 120 day response, but whatever it is, I’ll just have to take it.  At least this part is done.  Now to move on to the next set of paperwork….

It amazes me that there’s no one central location to find out about all of this stuff – what paperwork is needed, when the deadlines are, etc.  A friend suggested that I make a web site with all of the info I can find.  I just might do that, but first, does anyone know of one that already exists.  I’ve looked, but I could have easily missed it, and there’s no point replicating someone else’s work.  If you’ve seen one, please let me know!

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