Know –> Hope

I wish people would stop trying to reassure me.

I’m in a huge amount of pain right now.  It’s probably from the storms we’re getting, but of course it’s always possible that it’s from something else.  A friend said that, based on the weather forecast, she’s sure I’ll be fine in a couple of days.  But she can’t know that and I hate when people say it.  It could be weeks or months before I get back to my “normal” amount of pain.  And yesterday I was discussing new treatment possibilities with my mother and talking about the money issue (that’ll be in a future post), and she said that she was sure I’d get back to work sometime, but she can’t know that.

They mean well.  I really do appreciate that they want me to feel better.  But saying these things is just about the worst thing they can do to “support” me.  For 20 years I’ve heard people say that they know that I’ll get better and guess what?  They were wrong every time.  It’s like saying that I know you’ll win the lottery.  Or even that I know you’ll get that job you interviewed for.  I don’t know those things.  Just like my friends and family don’t know that my health will improve.

Folks, do me a favor and just change know to hope.  I love it that you hope I’ll get better.  Just please don’t think or pretend that your desire will become fact.  Stick with that and it’ll all be good.

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