Too tired for a title

Why do we underestimate the value of sleep so much?  Sleep is important, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This will be a short post, because I’m determined to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  It’s not as if I’m not tired at night (well, sometimes that’s the case,) but I still stay up far too late, and always for no good reason.  Tonight I sleep.

Sleep is good for so many different parts of our bodies.  There are always studies being published about how it leads to better weight management, improved blood pressure, etc.  We eat better and we exercise more when we’re rested.  We feel happier and more relaxed when our stresses work themselves out in our dreams.  That’s not even counting the improved productivity and reduced car accidents.  We’re animals, and animals need sleep.  There’s no shame in that.

The worst reason, I think, for not getting enough sleep is, “I don’t have time,” or “I’m too busy.”  What is more important than taking care of your health?  Yes, sometimes a person really must get fewer hours of sleep one night due to busyness, but not as often as most people want to think.  Generally, we can cut out some tv, skip the internet surfing, eliminate procrastination, and get to bed at an hour (or more!) earlier.

Yes, there are many legitimate reasons for not being able to sleep.  There’s pain, insomnia, loud noises outside, crying babies… but none of that should stop us from at least making the effort.  That’s what I’m talking about here: effort.

I may not get enough sleep tonight because I get woken up early by the construction outside, or because the loud neighbors come home late again and are making a lot of noise, or because I have weird pain dreams like I did the other night, but at least I’ll have made a solid effort.  And who knows… maybe I’ll actually sleep for enough hours, deeply enough, and wake up feeling good!  I sure hope so!

And on that note, I’m off to bed.  Goodnight all!



If you can relate to this, please pass it along and share the camaraderie!  Let’s build the community!

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