Being treated like a child

“Remember, you don’t have to bring anything to the brunch.  No food, no flowers, just save your money and take care of yourself.”

I know my mother means well.  Her instinct is to take care of me.  But I’m getting sick of it.  And it’s not just her.

I appreciate that people want to help.  I really do.  It’s sweet.  But I’m an adult, and if I say that I want to bring something to a family brunch, then why stop me?  Everyone else is bringing something.  If I didn’t feel up to it then I wouldn’t offer, but if I want to contribute, why stop me?  A few years ago this made sense – my cooking was atrocious.  But now I can cook and I’ve been bringing food to potlucks for many years.  And hell, I can at least put together a fruit salad!  Either way, I can make a contribution.

What bothers me most, I suppose, is that people don’t trust my judgement.  I say I can do something, and they still want to protect me. It’s nice when people want to help, but it’s demeaning when they go too far.

So tomorrow I will have a little chat with my mother and I’ll try to explain this.  I will point out that she isn’t trying to stop my younger sister from bringing food, so why try to stop me?  I’m capable of it, so it’s my choice.  I just hope she understands and can fight her motherly instinct.

After all, I’m not a child anymore.


If you can relate to this, please pass it along and share the camaraderie!  Thanks!

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