The healthful joys of no computers

Not having internet was fabulous.

I’m sure to some people it sounds like a nightmare to be away from a computer for three and a half days.  To be honest, I wish it had been longer.  I did have email on my phone, but I wrote almost nothing and never browsed the web.  It made me realize just how much time I spend on the computer (hint: way way way too much.)

So what did I do instead?  I had great conversations with my mother.  I played with the dog (her dog; sadly I don’t have one.)  I took long walks.  Yes, we watched tv, but we also went out into nature.  We enjoyed the quiet.  We watched the ocean.  It was perfect.  The first day we took a 4 mile walk.  We took a few breaks, but we did it.  At home I never do that.  At home I feel like I can’t do it.  But with the cool clean air, the roar of the ocean, and the peacefulness, suddenly it didn’t seem too hard.

Do you have a place like this?  I wish I had one that was more local.  This place is fantastic, but I won’t be able to go back until spring.  I’m glad I made the most of it while I had the chance!  I know I wouldn’t be happy living there, but it is a fantastic place to visit.  I have been going there for a long time, and I’ve noticed that I always feel better when I’m there.  Of course, I’m on vacation when I’m there, so that helps, but even a quick weekend has the most amazing restorative effect.  I get more exercise, I eat better, and I take good care of myself.  I do more physical therapy, I read more, I’m active when I need to be and I rest when I need to.  What could be better?

Am I completely healthy when I go up here?  No, of course not.  I still have pain and fatigue and other issues, but it’s all a bit less bad.  What can I say?  I’m in love with the place.

So now it’s back to “real life” and all that goes with it.  I extended my internet vacation a bit, so I’m sorry for not posting anything yesterday.  It was so nice to be away from the computer, and I wanted it to last just a bit longer.  I’ll try to cut back from now on, though; sitting in front of a computer for hours just isn’t good for any of my conditions.  And as soon as spring hits, I’m taking another computer break and heading back to that beautiful seaside nook.  I hope you find a fantastic place to visit, too.

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