If only I could help

I participated in a great chat tonight on the Chronic Babe forum.  Overall, I really enjoyed it.  The one tough part was hearing about everyone’s problems and not being able to help at all.  Sure, I offered advice when I could, and lent an ear (well, eyes… it was online, afterall) but that just didn’t feel like enough.

Family and friends often say that they wish they could help me in some way.  I feel bad, because I know they just want to help, with the purest of intentions, and there’s very little they can do.  They are amazing people who do more than they can imagine by listening and lending support, but I do understand their desire to do something concrete and actionable.  That’s how I feel now.

I can’t do much to help these strangers online, but I do hope my random thoughts, advice, and encouragement did a little bit of good for someone, somewhere.

As for my family and friends, I try to be less stubborn from time to time and let them help me with so-called little things. It makes them feel better, and to be honest, getting help is a good thing for me, too.  A little help moving something, or help with and errand, can go a long way.  For you folks out there trying to help others, remember that those little things you do can add up to a lot of help for someone else.  Don’t underestimate the incredible effects of your actions or of your intentions.  They do a world of good.

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