Use it while you’ve got it

You know how some days are so horrible that you can’t imagine having a good day?  And then a good day comes along?  Maybe it’s a day without pain or a day without fatigue or a day without nausea or simply a day where the symptoms are a bit less horrible than they usually are.  Those days are amazing.  I love those days.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss a good day when it’s simply a day with less-bad symptoms, but it’s worth watching for.  I may never ride a bicycle again, or get to jump out of a plane, or drink alcohol, but I know that I use the good days the best that I can.  I think that if I didn’t use those days, they’d feel like a waste.  I don’t have to do anything much on the good days, just know that they exist and appreciate them and feel happy about them.  Doing that is enough.  So that on the bad days, at least I know I made the most of the good ones.  I may have other regrets in life, but wasting the good days won’t be part of them.

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